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Thrilled to be involved in a global study of amphibian skin microbiomes!

Some of our samples collected in Virginia, USA and Panama were incorporated into this study on global climate and amphibian skin microbiomes.

Kueneman JG, MC Bletz, G Becker, M Joseph, JG Abarca, H Archer, L Areleno, A Bataille, MH Becker, LK Belden, A Crottini, R Geffers, CFB Haddad, RN Harris, W Holden, MC Hughey, R Ibañez, M Jarek, JL Kerby, J Kielgast, A Kurabayashi, A Longo, A Loudon, D Medina, JJ Nuñez, R.G. Bina Perl, A Pinto-Tomás, FCE Rabemananjara, EA Rebollar, A Rodríguez, L Rollins-Smith, R Stevenson, CC Tebbe, G Vargas Asensio, JB Walke, SM Whitfield, K Zamudio, I Zúñiga Chaves, V McKenzie, DC Woodhams, M Vences. (2019) Community richness of amphibian skin bacteria correlates with bioclimate at the global scale. Nature Ecology & Evolution. doi: 10.1038/s41559-019-0798-1.

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