The interdisciplinary nature of my research background has given me the opportunity to teach a range of lecture and lab courses, from Microbiology, Introductory Biology, and Senior Capstone in Environmental Microbiology at EWU to Microbial Ecology, Biodiversity, and Principles of Biology at Roanoke College and Honors Ecology and Microbiology labs at Virginia Tech. I am a firm believer in experiential learning and getting students outside of the classroom, which is why I incorporate research experiences, field trips, guest speakers, and games into my course designs. In my class, students are scientists!

I also enjoy mentoring graduate and undergraduate researchers on projects that combine ecological and molecular approaches to address basic and applied questions. Student involved in my research gain diverse field and laboratory skills, from environmental and wildlife field sampling to microbiology and bioinformatic analysis.

Courses I teach at Eastern Washington University:

1) Microbial Ecology - BIOL245 (Special Topics)

I developed this special topics integrated lecture and lab course designed to introduce students to the important role that microbes have in functional processes, at various ecological scales. Microbes are ancient and ubiquitous, and as a result, diverse interactions exist among microbes and their environments. The role of microbes in ecosystem processes, human and wildlife health, conservation biology, bioremediation, biocontrol, and symbioses are covered, as well as the ecology of these relationships, such as communication, transmission, factors influencing microbial structure and function, and responses to climate change. Molecular methodologies, including bioinformatics, are also discussed and applied. The framework for the course is the application of classical macro-ecological concepts to microorganisms. 

2) Principles of Biology - BIOL120 

This is an introductory course for majors focusing on genetics and cell and molecular biology. I taught two lecture sections (30-35 students each) and one lab section (16 students).

3) Biodiversity - BIOL125

This introductory course for majors focuses on ecology, evolution, and diversity. I taught one lab section of this course (16 students).

Courses I've taught at Roanoke College:

1) Microbiology - BIOL301

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